Guest post by James: India, Kochi

India: 11/29/22-12/10/22

Lest you start to think that all of James’ posts are long and lovely, I’m including this one that he wrote while angry that we assigned him blogging for English homework. (The topic didn’t help much either.) I’m leaving it unedited as he submitted it to us.

Before I start I will say that I have stoped doing blog posts in order now so I will only do the big hits. We flew to India at 2am and went to bed then, 38 hours after we landed I threw up 3 times. 20 mins later, I threw up 3 times again and it happed every 20 mins for 2 hours and 40 mins. Then, the next day was a school day and and so was the next for a week total.

ps. mom and dad open up the door in the hostal and look down [This was a picture he drew for us, not a bag of poop, when we were in our hostal in Hiroshima.]

As you can see from the above, James (a) didn’t spend more than 5 minutes on this post and (b) did not really enjoy his time in India much. He and everyone else in my family got sick there multiple times, so I suppose he has his reasons. We had a tour guide in Nepal who said that NEPAL stands for “Never Ending Peace and Love” and INDIA stands for “I’ll Never Do It Again.” I’m sorry to say, that’s probably how the rest of my family feels about it. (Karen adds that our cooking instructor in Sri Lanka remarked when we said we were in India, “oh, but India is so dirty!” As you’ll see in the next post, we loved Sri Lanka, which had much of the charm of India, while being a little tidier around the edges.)

In fact, we were originally planning to spend another week in India, but the recurring illnesses led us to move onwards to Nepal (and then Thailand) earlier than originally planned.

Although this post is very negative, I still really like India, but sadly doubt I’ll be returning there with my family anytime soon, if at all. (Note, however, that I didn’t get sick there during this trip, which wasn’t my experience in previous trips!)

All that said, here are my Instagram posts from India, with country counter at the end:

Country counter after India:

  • 30th country of our trip
  • Me: 68 countries (including 40 eating McDonald’s)
  • Karen: 68 countries
  • Henry: 43 countries
  • Charlie: 39 countries
  • James: 36 countries